Case 1.

A 21-year-old girl who had gone through a sudden death of her father, and six months later sudden death of the only brother was sent to the psychiatric hospital with a difficult diagnosis. Fortunately, Homeopathy quickly helped to cure the girl (the patient applied for help in time).

Case 2.

I was called by a woman who was a doctor by profession. There was despair in her voice, she was asking for help, “My daughter has fallen ill. I don’t know what to do...” In half an hour the mother and her daughter were at the reception. The daughter was a 19-year-old girl who did not want to talk; there was despair on her face. For a few minutes she did not answer my questions but then she quietly said, “The brain seems to fall out” and appointed to her frontal area. Mother's face expressed fear. Several doses of the prescribed homeopathic remedy took girl out of depression. Homeopathy helped her to pass exams successfully. It was many years ago. Similar problems have never troubled the girl again. She successfully graduated from the institute, got married. She has a son and a job.

Case 3.

Six months ago, an alarmed grandmother called me. She asked me to examine her granddaughter. The girl had developed a strange symptom. For nearly six months, she had been regularly giving an involuntary sound like hiccups or a terrible cry. It was evident to everybody and kids were terrified by the girl. You can imagine how the child got frightened of it and how it frustrated for her. Grandma raised the alarm: their family had cases of severe diseases of the nervous system. The child was consulted by lots of doctors. However, a weird symptom did not disappear even after medical treatment; in addition she developed convulsions of the whole body. The family “came” to psychiatrists, neurologists. Someone advised them to apply to me. At the beginning of the reception, I learned that the girl was growing up without her father whom she loved, as he had left the family. The child’s disease developed some time after her parents’ divorce. It became clear - that was the girl’s unconscious rejection of that unpleasant situation. If the first child in the family is a girl, she is always very closely energetically connected with her father. The child was appointed individualized homeopathic treatment to eliminate the effects of psycho-emotional trauma. Recovery came very quickly. On the third day the grandmother called me and happily announced that the girl felt much better. Today, the child is 6 years old. She has no complaints. She goes in for dancing, singing. She is good at English and pre-school training.

Case 4.

At the age of 28 a woman got pain attacks, which "captivated" the entire left half of her head – it seemed that not only the temple but ear, gums and teeth hurt her. She applied to doctors – general practitioners, neurologists, but prescribed treatment failed to help. She had to "extend" the range of specialists and medical procedures (she was even in thepressure chamber). These sorrows lasted almost for 20 years. The patient got used to the fact that a headache was her constant companion. The attacks became more frequent and stubborn. The amount of pills that she took increased her liver, so that she had to be cured by a hepatologist. At one of her regular prophylactic examination in the polyclinic she noticed a cabinet titled “Doctor – homeopath”. She thought that she had not been treated by such a specialist yet. She even did not know what diseases and in what way he was treating. But the despair forced her to knock on the door of that cabinet.

She began to follow my instructions carefully. And in three days she felt relief – the pain disappeared. The woman could not believe it! She even did not take all the dose of the prescribed homeopathic medicines as the pain did not trouble her any longer, and she was keeping medicines “in reserve" as something especially valuable. Fortunately, she did not have to use the “stock” – for more than 10 years the former patient has felt completely healthy – she has had her headaches again.

Recently, her family got another problem - her granddaughter fell ill- she had got neurological disorders, convulsions, that made a young girl nervous, she became tearful and lost interest in life. So, the woman found me again. I appointed treatment to the girl. In 2 weeks she felt much better. And she felt that as well: her mood improved, a number of complaints disappeared.

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