Classical Homeopathy: Opportunities and Advantages

Modern medicine has unique diagnostic capabilities and powerful medications. It seems that a victory over diseases of mankind is as close as ever. But the greater success of traditional medicine in the fight against severe pathology is, the more obvious, unfortunately, are its limited capabilities for overcoming chronic diseases. Today, it is a chronic pathology that has become the biggest disaster for humanity, increasingly gaining a scale of neo-epidemic.

Causes of chronic diseases are deep as their development is based on the emotional stresses, energy exhaustion of the body.

Ancient doctors were able to see a man as a whole. Classical Homeopathy is one of the methods that has been tested for centuries which allows to cure a patient in the integrity of his spirit, soul and body.

Samuel Hahnemann, a talented German physician and a founder of this method of scientific medicine, believed that every living organism has a particular fine energy that inspires, revives it and ensures harmonious functioning of all its organs and systems. Throughout the life the body has to fight for its survival with various adverse external factors. This struggle demands some energy (life force). Excessive exhaustion of energy results in the development of chronic diseases of various organs and systems. Thus, homeopathic doctrine considers that energy exhaustion is a primary process, and pathology at the level of the body is considered to be a result, a secondary process.

Hence, it is easy to understand why patients suffering from chronic diseases so often refer to traditional medicine looking for salvation for years, but in the end they say that nothing helps them. Traditional medicines work at the cellular, molecular level (at the level of physical consequences) and do not provide a recovering effect on the basis of a harmonious functioning of the body, i.e. its energy basis.

In Homeopathy a treatment effect is achieved through the prescription to the patient of the medication of vegetable, mineral or animal origin, and very small doses of the primary products are used that guarantee no toxic or allergic reactions.

I have been practicing Classical Homeopathy for more than 20 years.

Years of work with patients (adults and children) have formed my comprehension of Homeopathy as a powerful and at the same time gentle method that has a regulating and recovering effect, primarily on the energy basis, on the control systems of our body - nervous, endocrine, and immune. Normal functioning of these systems recovered by Homeopathy provides further recovery of the harmonious healthy functioning of all other organs and systems.

I cannot say that Homeopathy is a panacea that easily cures all diseases. Sometimes the victories were not easy. But I like this method because it was Homeopathy that has given the mean opportunity to improve significantly life quality, and sometimes save lives of people with such pathologies as diabetes, osteogenesis imperfecta, autism, atopic dermatitis, asthma, vasculitis, goiter, autoimmune thyroiditis, mastopathy, various arthritis, hip dysplasia, chronic renal failure, hepatitis, fever of unknown origin, epilepsy, nonspecific ulcerative colitis, stomach ulcer, hypertension, coronary heart disease and some other diseases that in terms of traditional medicine are considered to be incurable.

I remember women who were suffering from infertility and appealed to me with such problems as migraine, herpes, gastroduodenitis, skin diseases and so on. Comparing pregnancy terms and prescribed homeopathic treatment, we often came to the conclusion that the very first doses of homeopathic remedy helped them conceive.

The advantages of the method of Classical Homeopathy

Years of homeopathic practice have clearly showed me the key, in my opinion, advantages of the method of Classical Homeopathy.

1) First of all, it is certainly the absence of any toxic or allergic reactions even when a long-term treatment, sometimes for years, is necessary. Of course, today dramatic growth of allergy diseases among population makes Homeopathy necessary, first of all, for those who respond to traditional medicine by allergies.

2) Another valuable advantage of Classical Homeopathy is the ability to treat simultaneously a range of serious diseases of the patient by one remedy. It sounds amazing for someone unfamiliar with the doctrine of Homeopathy. But the practice and experience confirm that the so-called constitutional homeopathic remedy individually selected by a competent physician is often able to perform a miracle. And its deep therapeutic effect is performed on many levels of the body. There were times when a patient came to me for the second reception and asked in amazement, “Doctor, I forgot to tell you about this problem, but how did you know that it was necessary to treat it?”. Recently a patient whom I prescribed homeopathic treatment to cure glaucoma and hypertension, happily reported that his eyes were better (against the background of homeopathic treatment his eye pressure normalized, oculist cancelled appointed operation), and hypertension worried less and urination significantly improved - adenoma of the prostate, which patient forgot to tell about at the first reception, also began to disturb much less thanks to Homeopathy. This is the advantage of constitutional homeopathic preparation – thorough recovering therapeutic effect on the entire body. 

3) Homeopathic approach gives a chance for cure when the patient has been diagnosed, but other methods do not provide desired results.

4) Homeopathic approach gives a chance for those patients who have not been diagnosed despite multiple studies. This situation is not a problem for the physician practicing the method of Classical Homeopathy: methodology of homeopathic remedy selection is based on gathering and analysis of the individual set of symptoms of the patient. In other words, to prescribe homeopathic treatment it is important not to know the name of the disease, but a set of problems and sufferings of the body and soul of the patient. 10 years ago I had to cure a man, who was not even 50. For a number of years he had been suffering from the problems with the digestive tract. He repeatedly had both outpatient and hospital examination, but his diagnosis had failed to be set. A familiar nurse advised him to contact me. Homeopathy has quickly cured him completely. For all these years the man has been working hard enjoying his life. Once his friend having come to me for reception said, “Some time before Ivan came to you for reception, he told me that he was dying and asked him to help his sons after his death. Was he really seriously ill? Your Homeopathy, Doctor, has made a miracle”.

5) In my opinion, another important advantage of Classical Homeopathy, which should be remembered, is the chance to avoid surgery in many cases. I want to emphasize again that in this case there should be no euphoria, Homeopathy is not able to get rid of the surgery every patient who has to be operated. However, my practical experience proves on the example of some cases that individually chosen homeopathic treatment can cure a patient without surgery. Among these results attention should be paid to hydronephrosis and heavy nephroptosis (thanks to homeopathic treatment a young man forgot about the need to ablate a kidney more than 10 years ago), adenoids, fibromyoma, goiter, uterus polyps, traumatic injuries of joints, hip dysplasia and so on. And, of course, we should remember about a real opportunity to avoid surgery using Homeopathy in cases of mastopathy and breast fibroadenoma. How often nowadays young girls live through a heavy psycho-trauma due to the surgery resolution of this problem, and Classical Homeopathy very effectively eliminates the disease without a scalpel!

A modern man, whose life is extremely pressed emotionally and full of stresses that exhaust the body and cause the development of many serious diseases, including cancer, needs to know one more advantage of Classical Homeopathy. This method has a wide range of remedies that are used as anti-stress therapy, curative and preventive. It is important that homeopathic remedies having a sedative effect do not cause sleepiness. Thus, rather intense homeopathic treatment of the nervous system and various psychological problems does not limit driving. It is convenient for the patients because they can perform their professional functions completely during treatment. Meanwhile homeopathic treatment protects the body from the development of numerous so-called psychosomatic diseases, i.e. diseases of the body caused by psycho-emotional trauma, acute or chronic stress.

Of course, stress can be undergone without Homeopathy, having paid no attention to it. But science has proved that the body does not forget mental or physical trauma. Such serious diseases as hypertension, hyperthyroidism, arrhythmia, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, atopic dermatitis and a number of other serious illnesses are considered to be psychosomatic disorders.

The most striking example of a psychosomatic pathology cured by me is the case of 44-year- old man who referred to me with a serious disease of the nervous system, i.e. lateral amyotrophic sclerosis. A few years ago he was a handsome healthy man, keen on his business. One day, he saw his shop to have burned down. This event impressed him greatly, “The years of my hard work were burning, the results of my work! ...”. He lived keeping that disaster deep inside, and six months later a serious disease of the nervous system - paralysis - quickly started to develop. Unfortunately, this is the case when even Classical Homeopathy does not give chances for recovery. Homeopathic remedy prescribed by me, in the opinion of the patient and his wife, slowed down disease progression. However, I am very sorry that this patient did not refer to Homeopathy just after psycho-emotional trauma: my experience proves that homeopathic treatment appointed in time perfectly cures psycho-emotional trauma and becomes a reliable protection against any consequences of stress.

Thus, in another case a girl who had gone through a psychic trauma (sudden death of her father, and six months later sudden death of the only brother) was sent to the psychiatric hospital with a difficult diagnosis. In this case, homeopathy quickly helped me to cure the girl.

Classical Homeopathy has one more peculiarity that is especially urgent today: homeopathic treatment individually chosen by the experienced physician helps to go through childbirth, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy without complications and to treat complications as well. Such treatment can become a reliable protection against recurrence of a number of tumors, such as fibroadenoma of the breast, polyps, goiter etc.


  1. Classical Homeopathy is a powerful and at the same time gentle method of the recovering regulatory treatment of the body as an integrated system with the help of preparations of the natural origin.
  2. Homeopathic treatment can be successful even in a situation where the diagnosis cannot be given, or when other methods do not help.
  3. Application of Classical Homeopathy can be recommended, first of all, to patients suffering from allergic diseases.
  4. In many cases, an experienced physician who masters methodology of Classical Homeopathy selects homeopathic treatment that let the patient avoid a surgery.
  5. Timely preventive treatment by the methods of Classical Homeopathy can prevent the development of severe psychosomatic diseases.

Homeopathic treatment individually chosen by the experienced physician helps to go through childbirth, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy without complications. This treatment can be a reliable protection against recurrence of a number of tumors.

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