Recently, the experts have argued that the numberof thyroid pathologies has increased, and psycho-emotional stresses and poor ecology have appeared to be the most probable causes of their development. Due to anatomical features of the thyroid gland large amounts of blood pass through it, so any pathogenic factor that enters a blood flow will certainly affect the functional state of the thyroid gland, and it may stimulate the development of pathology in it. For example, nicotine is one of the most dangerous factors for the gland – goitre is very common among smokers.


Alternative systems of treatment explain the reasons of the disease in their own way. For example, traditional Chinese medicine considers any human disease to be a result of the disturbance of the energy balance (deficit or excess of energy that is entering a particular organ). Over the thyroid gland there is a so-called throat chakra. It is a mental charka and at the same time the first spiritual chakra - chakra of worldly wisdom that is responsible for our wisdom, confidence and psychological stability. It transfers energy maintaining normal functioning of the thyroid gland, throat, tonsils and teeth. Pocketed insults, lack of self-confidence, categoricalness, stubbornness,spiritual impoverishment blockenergy exchange in this chakra, which leads to the loss of energy in it and, as a consequence, causesthe development of thyroid diseases. The energy of this chakra is strongly blocked by the famil yconflicts.

Modern physics studying fine energies also believe that the human body is a complex multi-dimensional complex of interdependent energy fields.

Biofield of each person is a protective cover. It takes the pressure of stresses, negative emotions (nostalgia, loneliness, jealousy, death of the loved people, social insecurity, labour disputes, family conflicts, angriness, unhappy love - everything that Freud called psychotrauma, which is a powerful pathogenic factor. Violation of the balance of human energy fields and energy of each cell causes pathology at the level of cells and organ systems.


The concept of the “life force” as the energy component of the human body is a key one in Classical Homeopathy: it is a complete life force thatfacilitates normal functioning of all organs and systems. Throughout man’s life this power is being exhausted depending on how active the body has to fight for its survival with various external factors. If it is so exhausted that it cannot support self-regulation and adaptation of the body, a chronic disease develops. Therefore, to recover life forces Ganneman proposed to use energy of plants, minerals, animals having pre-released it from the material substance and having enhanced it applying a unique method of preparation of homeopathic remedy. Like new batteries they“charge” the body with vitality, and then it runs like a clockwork, even if its hand may have been broken (for example, a reduced size of the thyroid gland due to surgery).

Data of the scientific researches and my own observations prove that homeopathic therapy is a gentle and powerful method for the treatment of various forms of chronic thyroiditis. In many cases, individually chosen homeopathic remedies “take away” thyroid nodules, let people avoid surgery. However, we must understand that it is possible to achieve such results only through cooperation of a highly qualified homeopath and a wise patient: sowing and harvesting are always distant in time!

Regarding thyrotoxicosis, I believe that this pathology should be treated exclusively by Classical Homeopathy. And the earlier this treatment is started, the better the results are obtained. Unfortunately, patients often get to know about the thyroid problem when their gland has already become visible to the naked eye. In fact, there are many signs of the initial stages of thyrotoxicosis: excessive excitement, irritability, fussiness, nervousness, tearfulness, inattention, palpitations (regardless of the body position and time of the day, often in the morning in a bed),weight loss with the same food intake, general weakness, lower work capacity, body trembling, excessive sweating, hot flashes and heat intolerance, hair loss, sleep disorder, poor memory. Disorders in the menstrual cycle can also be a consequence and a sign of the thyroid gland pathology.

Homeopathy is especially effective in the early stages of the disease; however, Homeopathy should not be forgotten about in the case of recurrent goiter after surgery.

This fact can explain the recovery of my patient Lidia Ivanovna. We have not stimulated her thyroid gland – it is not thegoal of the homeopathic remedy that is working at the level of the whole organism. There are no abstract diseases; there is a disease of a particular person. This is a golden rule of Homeopathy, which prescribes a remedy not according to the diagnosis, but according to the patient's constitutional type. Therefore, it often works where other methods do not help. And, in addition, it is a completely safe and non-traumatic way to recovery.


Patient L. felt the first warning signs of the disease nearly 20 years ago whensome unpleasant events occurred inher life. In 4 months she consulted the doctors, and then she was diagnosed with diffuse toxic goiter of the second degree. The state of the woman was becoming worse and worse - sometime later she found out that her thyroid gland had greatly increased, her legsbegan to swell, it was hard to climb the stairs, she also suffered from tachycardia - her heart rate reached 120 beats per minute. Re-examination left no chances for a favourable prognosis. The doctors prescribed a high dose of hormones, after which the process supposedly stopped. Butit all started again after Lidia had been ill with angina. The woman had to go for treatment to Kiev as she was disappointed by the medications, which gave heronly negative side effects. In Kiev she really got help as she was consulted by the luminary in the field of endocrinology. During inpatient treatment she was taken out of the toxic state, and then for 7 years she had only periodic crises, the nodules in the thyroid glandwere growing. Finally, the doctors gave up–they could offer nothing but the operation. A significant part of the thyroid gland was ablated. She underwent the operationbadly, but the worst thing was that the operation had hurt one of the vocal cords, so that there was paresis and a woman almost lost her voice. For several months she had been attendinga phoniatrist. Her voice recovered slightly, but there appeared terrible asthmatic attacks. In 4 years, she was in the Crimea when she felt a sudden malaise –everything happened again. Once again, the verdict of doctors was the need of another operation (nodules reappeared in the rest of the gland). The neighbour in the hospital ward told her about the cousin who also had problems with the thyroid gland andwhom Homeopathy helped. It was the last chance for patient L.

"When I first came to the reception to Dr. Larisa Hutsol in 2007, I was taking large doses of medicines, and hormone tests confirmed that the thyroid gland had almost lost its function - the level of hormones was reaching zero," says patient L. "So, when Dr. Larisa Hutsol said that we wouldbe gradually giving up my medicinesif I felt better, I even got scared. But then I believed her – and in 2 months of homeopathic treatment I did not go to the chemist’s. Endocrinologist found out a significant improvement in the thyroid gland function that was confirmed by the laboratory tests. I've never felt happier in my life. I felt that my strength and ability to work were coming back to me, my nervousness was disappearing. I burst with joy each time I received the results of hormonal examinations – they were better and better. I still cannot explain this phenomenon, i.e. how the gland, or, better to say,what has left from it, that has almost lost its function can produce the required amount of hormones again after so many years. Today, my tests for thyroid hormones are completely normal. The largest nodule in the thyroid gland has almost disappeared, and numerous smaller nodules are not found by the ultrasound investigation. Asthma attacks have disappeared. Now my state is sustainable. I enjoy good health, even though I am 57 years old. Sometimes I think that Homeopathy have made me better in general. Therefore, mydiseaseshavebecome“strangers” to me".


"There is nothing strange about it", — says Dr. Larisa Hutsol. — "Homeopathic remedy hasinfluenced the information field of the organism. Modern scientists have establishedthat it is information and energy-informationinterchange that play asignificantrole in maintaining human health".

According to modern scholars, energy state of the cell and the organism as a whole is disrupted mainly under the influence of the negative factors. This causes a metabolic disorder. Therefore, a disease is developing. Homeopathic remedy acting on the energy, i.e. primary, level of the disease development eradicates the disease from the depths of the body. First of all, it regulates nervous, endocrine and immune systems, i.e. central control system of the body which are affected by the external negative factors most of all.

How to Treat Diabetes and Avoid Serious Complications

Diabetes is considered to be a noninfectious epidemic world-wide as, according to WHO estimates, almost 350 million people suffer from it (third place after cardiovascular diseases and cancer).

Experts predict that in the next 10 years the total number of deaths from diabetes will increase by 50%, and by 2030 it will have become the main cause of death in the world. Finally, this disease being asymptomatic in the early stages has serious complications. Their development can be prevented if treated in time and properly.

Why do the cells become “blind”?

In the case of type I diabetes, the disease is caused by the deficiency of insulin (produced by the pancreas), but in the case of type II diabetes, the situation is quite different. Insulin in the blood is sufficient, but the body's cells do not “see” it and do not pass it inside to let it perform its primary function - split sugar molecules. Such cells are called insulin resistant.

Why it happens is under a veil of secrecy. Although there are many versions: genetic “breaking” of special receptors on the cell surface that “feel” insulin; virus origin of such “blocking” of the natural functions; some medicines; obesity (although this disease often affects people with normal body weight and at the same time people having extra kilos do not suffer from it).

In recent years, scientists have conducted deep researches and acknowledged that the level of sugar in blood rises during any stress (even if blood indicators are within norm). If the stress is very acute (death of a loved person, a sudden death risk), sugar exceeds the limit, and often – forever, since this process involves nervous, endocrine and immune systems, and all of them give a “failure” at the same time.


My experience has a lot of evidence for this theory.

One of my patients, a woman aged 40, connects occurrence of diabetes with fear experienced in her childhood. Her father was an alcoholic, frequently threatened the family by physical destruction, even poured gasoline around the house and threatened to burn them all. The girl and her mother hid in the hen house trembling with fear. It would seem that the years have passed, but the body never forgets any mental or physical injury, so as the years passed a psychological problem turned into somatic disorders, i.e. it has manifested on the physical level - the development of diabetes.

The greatest stress to the person is the one that he is going through “over the abyss of death” – his own or of a loved person, or stress that is constantly accumulating like drops in the glass (so-called chronic stress). For example, when a person feels that he is not loved (for example, the state of a woman who is not loved, left, betrayed), when someone feels lonely or has lost relatives.

Another patient of mine is a man of 23 who loved his girlfriend very much. As soon as they got married a young wife was diagnosed with cancer. The man was near her bed all the time and took care of her till her death cherishing hopes for recovery, but when his wife died he immediately got into an intensive care unit in a coma. His diagnosis was diabetes.

The conclusion is suggested itself. We need to “hide from stresses behind a shield” - its function can be performed by the Homeopathy that, in contrast to antidepressants, has no side effects, does not “break” the body, but vice versa supports it. In addition, Homeopathy has a remedy for each type of stress, separately - from women's fears, men’s “disruption” and children’s turmoil. Even if everyone in the family experienced the same stress, “calming down” of the nervous system must be different.


However, life is life, and we all have already experienced more than one alarm, shock and fear, suffered from some diseases that have negatively affected our body, drank a "bag" of drugs that could cause disorders in various systems. But it does not mean that hope is lost! Treatment of diabetes is necessary and very important.

The only question is how to treat. Today diabetology offers diabetics only hypoglycemic agents and insulin (in the later stages, or in case of insufficient compensation of diabetes). However, today some experts argue that taking medicines to lower blood sugar is the same as treating pneumonia with aspirin. In other words, it is necessary to affect the cause of high blood sugar, and not just to “bring it down”.

Similarly, conditions caused by diabetes complications need correction as they lead to disability and death of patients (retinal angiopathy, which results in losing vision, gangrene of the extremities, which leads to the need for amputation, nephropathy, which leads to renal insufficiency, etc.). Diabetes is accompanied by hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases that have the risk of heart attack and stroke. .

So, the treatment of patients with diabetes should be complex. Can a sick body endure such chemical load? Maybe it needs natural support that will wake up reserve forces and harmonizes different systems and, above all, affect the causes that have led to the increase of blood sugar levels?

A homeopath does not have specific "antidiabetic" medicines. He even does not need them. There are a lot of remedies that return lost health mildly and naturally, eliminate the “traces” of physical and mental stresses, and then the activity of internal organs normalizes, the function of the endocrine and nervous systems that balance our body is restored in a “royal way”.

Here are a few examples from my own practice.

Last June I was asked for help by a 54-year-old woman suffering from type II diabetes since 2009. She noticed that the blood sugar began to rise after long-term taking of oral contraceptives (one year and a half). Recently her condition deteriorated rapidly despite constant taking of glucose-lowering medicines, and doctors doubled the dose of the prescribed medicine. A month passed, but she did not feel better: blood sugar did not fall below 14 mmol/l.

At the same time the patient complained of pain in the knee, anxiety, dizziness, intestinal cramps, weakness, pain in breasts which she had been suffering from for several years. Observation revealed a nodule in the thyroid gland and fibrous mastopathy. After a 3-month homeopathic treatment the patient noticed the first improvements: breast pain, anxiety and fatigue reduced, the intestine function also improved, etc. In October, her eyes were shining with joy: her blood sugar did not exceed 7.5 mmol/l, and her endocrinologist halved the dose of her medicines. Her individual homeopathic treatment did not stop making wonders: in December blood sugar index often reached 6 mmol/l. But how little time has passed! The patient continues treatment.

Another patient of mine explains the development of diabetes by long-term taking of medicines treating coronary heart disease. When she came to me asking for help she was taking insulin. Homeopathic treatment significantly improved her health. She continued to take insulin, but the doctors allowed her to refuse from a range of pharmaceutical medicines. A woman has been taking homeopathic treatment for 6 years, and we have reduced her blood sugar twice: now it does not go beyond 7 mmol/l. The patient does not complain of her heart, which she has been treating so thoroughly – she says that she has felt a surge of strength: the pensioner has got two jobs, and what is more she gives private lessons (!) and nurses a grandson.


Modern world has got a new concept that is just becoming popular, but really promises high prospects. This so-called personalized medicine - purely individualized, focused on the patient's individual treatment, selection and even manufacture of personal medicines. It takes into account not only a classic diagnosis, but peculiarities of the disease in a particular person, and even data on the human genome analysis! Diagnosis is also set on the basis of testing of the inclinations to a particular disease, psychological characteristics of a person, and so on.

Ancient physicians also called to treat not a disease but a patient. They looked at the body like at the map that reflects things happening inside. The founder of Homeopathy Hahnemann also revealed the key to diagnosis and “reading” of human problems - after getting information that, at first glance, is not related to the “physics” of the body. For example, how a patient sleeps, what dreams he has, what weather makes him feel better, what color he likes, etc. The list of such markers is very wide - thanks to them a man becomes clearly visible: with his experiences, history of tragedies, diseases, emotions. And the remedies offered by Homeopathy are like information transforming an organism’s code into the one conceived by the Creator: programmed to health, longevity and happiness.

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