Case 1.

Three years ago 72 year old woman consulted me on the constipation, which had been one ofher principal complaints for many years. Periodically, the patient felt the urges, but there was no bowel movement, or it was incomplete leaving a painful discomfort. She was sleeping badly: she often dreamt of her hard work. She had constant drowsiness, memory impairment (she forgot what she wanted to say). She was in a bad mood. Her hearing was worsened. In addition, there were numerous complaints from the cardiovascular and urinary systems. For a number of years she had had food and medication allergies. She asked homeopath for help because repeated courses of allopathic treatment gave no results.

About 20 years ago, the patient suffered a spine injury (knife wound), after which there was paresis of the lower limbs for several years. Before that she has been ill with meningitis. Constipation was regarded as a “trace disease” from the trauma. A brilliant result did not take long to appear. In three weeks, the patient’s stool normalized. For the past three years, she enjoys a significant improvement in the quality of her life.

Case 2.

A student of the Medical University, 21 years old. She applied with the problem of atonic constipation, which had been troubling her over the past few years. She believes that the cause of this problem was injury (spinу contusion). It was decided to appoint a drug by the etiological principle, and in this case Hypericum 200 CH did not disappoint as well. Catamnesis 2 years. The patient is happy, especially because she got rid of multiple skin rashes on her face that troubled her against the background of constipation.

Thus, such logical scheme healed both young and elderly patients.

Years of practice make us repeat again and again: Classical Homeopathy is the most valuable method, which may be in any age groups without a fear of severe side effects or allergic reactions. It is a perfect alternative when long-term treatment is required or when there is comorbidity. Moreover, dynamized remedy chosen under the Law of Similarity usually has an integral regulating effect gently making the body heal.

Case 3.

The patient had been treated by the gastroenterologist for several years, but it did not help her to get rid of pain in the stomach and gall bladder. She told her doctor that the pain arises “from nerves” (her husband was drinking heavily and as she said, was “eating away her liver”), but she heard in response, “Do not teach me how to cure, and if you have problems with nerves, then go to a psychiatrist”. She told me about her troubles weeping, and I decided to give her a homeopathic remedy even during the reception. A few minutes later a woman shouted, “What have you given to me?” I thought she felt bad but it turned out that the pain that had been troubling her for many years had suddenly disappeared. So, the remedy hit the target – “nervous” stomach responded to it as it was expected.

Case 4.

One of my students, a slim pale girl, complained of abdominal pain, indigestion of food and lack of appetite. Because of constant diarrhea she missed lectures at the Medical University or often left the audience. When I tried to talk to her and asked family circumstances, she said that a calm atmosphere prevails in her family. But when I asked to think about her childhood, she suddenly burst into tears. It turned out that when she was 3 years old, her father left the family. The girl was very worried and kept him waiting. When she was 5 years old, her father decided to return and said he would come next weekend forever. The girl wore her best dress, tied her favourite bows and was waiting for her farther trembling all day: what if he does not come back and they will always be alone with her mother. Father was absent for a long time. Probably, he was just packing his things, but the girl had imagined horrible images. When the father returned, the girl was in the seventh heaven. Since then the family had been living in peace, but the girl began to ache, she was diagnosed different diseases, treated both outpatients and in the hospital, but diseases of the gastrointestinal tract failed to be treating, although they were rather “sluggish”. Her condition deteriorated when her beloved boyfriend had left her. In a month of homeopathic treatment she had no complaints of disorders in the gastrointestinal tract. Although we continued the treatment.

Case 5.

A 50-year-old man applied to me with numerous complaints of the digestive tract disorders; he lost his ability to work. Despite numerous laboratory and instrumental examinations,multiple sanatorium-and-spa treatment, his condition deteriorated. The diagnosis had not been identified. Doctors had several ideas, but the treatment gave no results. But a few weeks of homeopathic treatment improved the patient's condition. Six months later, he almost recovered and continued to run his business. Over the last 5 years, the patient feels healthy.

Case 6.

A mother of a 5-year-old girl, who was suffering from severe dyspepsia, told that since 4 month-age her daughter had been having liquid stool (5-7 times a day and sometimes even more). Feces contained the remains of undigested food and mucus. Almost any vegetables, fruits, cereals were not digested. In recent months, before applying to a homeopath, the girl was constantly complaining of headaches, nausea, she had frequent vomiting, she did not sleep well, lost her appetite, developed a steady anemia. Ultrasound results showed exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis.

Since 4-month age the child had been regularly treated with conventional pharmaceuticals, many times in the hospital, but the effect was partial and very short in time. Later she was often ill with URTI, otitis, tonsillitis. At the age of three, after tonsillitis, she suffered from сerebellitis accompanied by heavy gait disorders. She was treated with high doses of prednisolone and antibacterial agents. The parents had almost lost faith in classical medicine.

All synthetic remedies were canceled by me. From the first days of homeopathic treatment the stool began to normalize.The girl had neither vomiting nor abdominal pain.

In 3 weeks the mother reported that the girl could eat any food, her appetite, sleep and mood were much better. In three months, ultrasound confirmed normalization of the organ state. In the next 1.5 years of observation the girl had no complaints, she was not ill with URTI, she did have anemia any longer.

This case demonstrates a powerful and at the same time very gentle effect of homeopathic remedies selected according to the law of similarity.

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