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“Dr. Larisa Hutsol is one of the leaders of modern Ukrainian homeopathic medicine. She is well-known in Ukraine and abroad as a follower of Classical Homeopathy.” According to the materials of the International Journal for Classical Homoeopathy “HOMOEOPATHIC LINKS” Germany, Stuttgart. - 2005. - N.3. - P.138.


 Dear friends!

For more than 20 years I have been practicing Homeopathy. The years of my work both with children and adults have allowed me to experience the opportunities and advantages of this method. Reproaches of my patients (“Why have we got to know about Homeopathy and about you, Doctor, so late?! ...”) and the pain that I feel every time I understand that if this patient had applied for Homeopathy earlier he would have avoided many troubles and tribulations made me write about Homeopathy in the popular press, speak on the radio and TV, teach Homeopathy at the Medical University, write a textbook on Homeopathy and set up this website.

You should pay attention to the materials of this site if:

  • You wish to know when exactly Homeopathy may solve your problems
  • You have been sick for a long time and any methods of treatment do not help you
  • You have been examined many times and the diagnosis fails to be identified and therefore you cannot be given proper treatment
  • You wish to avoid taking conventional/chemical/synthetic medications and give preference to medicines of natural origin
  • You cannot endure conventional/chemical/synthetic medicines
  • You are offered only surgical treatment and you wish to avoid it (e.g., hemorrhoids, goiter, mastopathy, uterus fibroids, prostate adenoma, adenoids, chalazion etc.)
  • You are experiencing stress and want to prevent the development of a lot of diseases as the complications of this stress

I DO NOT promise you quick avoiding chronic diseases you have been suffering from. My experience testifies to people’s wisdom: everything in our life comes in proper time, it’s time to sow and to reap the harvest. The homeopathic treatment of chronic diseases takes time to restore regular organism functioning. BUT, working with me you get guaranteed:

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